Optical coherence tomography


Optical Coherence Tomography

The non-invasive SS-OCT uses light waves to obtain three-dimensional images on a micron scale. This technology provides cross-sectional images of tissue structures which provides a valuable instrument in research and diagnostic medicine.

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The ADQ14OCT is configured to support variable clocking from the most advanced lasers and supports a laser trig rate of up to 1000 MHz to help produce the most detailed images in a very short time. ADQ14OCT is factory-programmed with signal processing typically used in SS-OCT applications, providing real-time FFTs up to 32768 bins, logarithm computations, and multiple configuration options to simplify integration into SS-OCT equipment. ADQ14OCT is available with USB3.0, PCIe, and PXIe interfaces.

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Imaging is performed through OCT when the interference pattern signals are produced by different scans of wavelength when reflected at different depths using low coherence interferometry.

Fourier-Domain OCT calculates the depth dependent reflection profiles. Continuously performing this A-scan at different locations creates a two dimensional cross section.

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