Thomson Scattering

  • Thomson Scattering

    "The combination of 14 bits dynamic range and 1 GS/s sampling rate is taking the performance of digitizers for TS system to an unprecedented performance level compared to the normally used 10 or 12 bit ADC.[1]"

    Thomson scattering is one of the most important diagnostic at the moment to study plasma. It is used in, for example, stellarator and tokamak fusion experiments. The short description of the method is:

    A laser beam is sent into the plasma. The laser beam is scattered on the electrons and the Doppler effect will result in a color shift. This indicates the temperature. The intensity of the scattering indicates the density of the plasma.

    Recommended Products

    The ADQ14DC-4C is perfect for the Thomson scattering measurement. The ADQ14 is a unique combination of high bandwidth and high resolution which is required by the Thomson scattering application.


    • The dynamic range requirements are high, which is met by 14 bits resolution of ADQ14.
    • The bandwidth requirements of the experiment is above 300MHz, which is met by the 700 MHz bandwidth of the ADQ14.
    • The bandwidth imply that the sample rate has to at least 1 GSPS, and ADQ14 offer 1 GSPS or 2 GSPS.

    • The high channel count also implies rack assembly, and ADQ14 is available for both MTCA.4 and PXIe chassis.
    • The timing synchronization capabilities is a chassis is making the ADQ14 solution unique.
    • The channel count is often high, and ADQ14-4C provide 4 high speed channels per card which gives a dense system.


    [1] Read more about ADQ14 in "The Thomson scattering system at Wendelstein 7-X", page 4, "Data Acquisition".

  • Thomson Scattering
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  • Thomson Scattering
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  • Thomson Scattering
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  • ADQ14
    • Single/dual channel
    • Up to 2 GSPS sampling rate
    • Up to 1.2 GHz input bandwidth
    • DC-coupled (variable input range/gain optional)

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