Term Definition
Continuous streaming

This mode is for continuous recording of very long events.

The recording is starting at a trigger event and continue until it is terminated by the user. The continuous streaming mode produce a large amount of data and is often combined with a data reduction method in the FPGA. This could be, for example, channel masking, DDC and decimation (option –FWSDR), sample skip, or a custom algorithm implemented using the ADQ7 Development Kit or ADQ14 Development Kit.

Continuous wave

See RF signal.

Custom GPIO card

If the –GPIO option is not enough, a custom GPIO expansion card can be provided. See datasheet 15-1413 ADQ14 custom GPIO expansion for more details. The design of a custom GPIO expansion card is available through SP Devices’ design service. Please contact an SP Devices’ sales representative for more information.


See RF signal.

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