Term Definition
Large distance synchronization using White Rabbit

The ADQ7 is prepared for large scale timing synchronization using the White Rabbit scheme. The ADQ7 can receive timing information from a White Rabbit network and adjust time-stamp and clock reference to the global system timing. Trigger information is received and generated to communicate with other parts of the system. White Rabbit timing is available as standard in the –USB and–MTCA form factors and require a 1 GbE network with White Rabbit support.

Large scale integration with Micro-TCA.4 (–MTCA)
  • Large scale integration
  • Robust mechanical solution
  • 10 GbE and White Rabbit support

The Micro-TCA.4 form factor is intended for integration into a chassis for modular instrumentation or large scale data acquisition. Chassis trigger and clock reference are supported for easy integration. The ADQ7DC–MTCA primarily uses the PCIe Gen3x4 interface in the backplane for control and data transfer. The –MTCA form factor also includes the 10GbE, USB 3.0 and 1GbE interfaces.

Level trigger

Data driven acquisition.

The standard firmware contains a level trigger for data driven triggering and acquisition. The firmware option –FWPD contains more advanced pulse detection and analysis functionality. The –FWPD also contains zero-suppression to reduce the amount of data.

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