Term Definition
Modular instrumentation with cPCIe / PXIe (–PXIE)
  • Modular instrumentation

The cPCIe / PXIe form factor is intended for integration into a chassis for modular instrumentation or large scale acquisition. The ADQ7 can operate in Compact PCI Express or PXI Express chassis. Using the multi-unit sync function, multi-channels systems can be achieved. ADQ7 support streaming of at least 5 GBytes/s for sending data to disk or additional computational cards over x8 Gen 3 cPCIe / PXIe backplanes. In a PXI Express chassis, the clock reference from the backplane can be used as clock reference for the digitizer. Backplane trigger is also supported to simplify integration. Note that the ADQ7 occupy 2 slots and extend to the left of the connector.


This mode enables a very long pre-trigger.

This mode is similar to triggered streaming. In addition it allows for very long pre-triggers; up to the entire record length. This allows for tracking the cause of events. For pre-trigger length below 16 kiSamples, us the Triggered streaming parameters. For pre-trigger length above 16kiSamples use the multi-record parameters.

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