ADQ114 - Data Acquisition Unit - Digitizer: ADQ114 - 14 bit 800 MSPS - cPCI/PXI Express & USB

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The ADQ114 is the world leading 14 bit digitizer. With its unique 800 MSps capture rate, enabled by SP Devices’ ADC interleaving technology ADX, the ADQ114 opens for demanding measurements such as RF/IF sampling, high resolution ultra sound imaging and high-speed data recording.

Analog Front End (AFE)
In its default configuration, the ADQ114 comes with an AC-coupled AFE with a lower cut-off frequency of 10 Hz, but several options are available such as a DC AFE which uses amplifiers, or a low frequency AC coupled AFE. See the ADQ114 Datasheet for further details and for ordering information.

Interface to the Host
The digitizer connects to the host via a high-speed USB 2.0 cable or through an optional Compact PCI Express / PXI Express interface. All interface types allows for streaming of data at high transfer rates.

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