USB, PXI/PCI Express and MTCA.4 Micro-TCA Digitizer ADQ412 12b 4Ch 3.6 GSPS

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The ADQ412DC is the most versatile 12 bit member of the ADQ V6 Digitizer family. A wide selection of sampling rates and form factors is combined with a flexible and programmable analog front-end which supports the requirements of a large variety of detectors in the most advanced measurement situations. The flexible DC-coupled analog front-end contains a variable gain, variable bias control, over-voltage protection and anti-aliasing noise suppression filtering.

The ADQ412DC is available in several sample rates from 1 GSPS up to 4 GSPS and can be configured either with 2 or 4 analog input channels through software control. The high sampling rate is enabled by SP Devices' proprietary interleaving technology ADX. The ADQ412DC offers an easy-to-use API that facilitates simple integration into any application. A firmware development kit, ADQ412DC Development Kit enables real-time signal processing in the FPGA.

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