ADQ7AC - Data Acquisition Unit - Digitizer: 14-bit, 5 GSPS digitizer platform, 2 channels, open FPGA

Signal Processing Devices Sweden AB (SP Devices) announces the launch of a groundbreaking 14-bit digitizer. The combination of 14 bits vertical resolution and up to 5 GSPS sample rate is taking the performance of digitizers to a new level. SP Devices is strenghening its position as a world-leading supplier of high-performance data acquisition solutions.

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The powerful ADQ7AC platform offers a unique combination of high sampling rate and high dynamic range. It is tailored for advanced measurement operation that is supported by an extensive set of options. ADQ7DC is designed for flexibility and maximized customer value:


  • Multiple form factor options enable optimized systems partitioning
  • Advanced analog front-end and high sampling rate supports a multitude of sensors and measurement requirements
  • SP Devices’ platform program optimizes cost of ownership through streamlined maintenance and re-use between product families
  • Open FPGA enables real-time custom digital signal processing solutions for advanced systems
  • The 3-year warranty ensures problem-free operation and reduces risk
  • SP Devices’ design service offers fast integration that help shorten time to market

ADQ7AC is tailored for direct sampling of RF signals in applications such as:

  • L-band direct sampling
  • Satellite monitoring (Galileo/GPS)
  • Automated test equipment (ATE)
  • Semiconductor test
  • RF recording

The ADQ7AC supports low IF and RF radio applications. For Zero-IF radio application and pulse data system, the ADQ7DC is recommended.

Features of ADQ7AC include:

  • Analog front-end (AFE) for RF systems
  • Application-specific firmware packages
  • Firmware development kit for real-time signal processing in the open FPGA
  • Multiple form factors to simplify system integration
  • A number of different data acquisition modes to support various measurement scenarios
  • SP Devices’ proprietary IP for signal chain performance enhancement

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