Software Defined Radio Firmware (FWSDR)

Stand-alone firmware package with real-time SDR functions



The edge of technology

The combination of the firmware FWSDR and the high-end digitizer ADQ7/ADQ14 creates a unique platform for software defined radio. These 14-bit digitizers provide the high dynamic range needed in a RF environment and the interleaving technology provide high signal bandwidth coverage.

The interleaving technology is provided through the use of SP Devices’ proprietary technology ADX which removes typical interleaving artifacts and enables the unique combination of bandwidth and dynamic range.

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The powerful signal analysis in the FPGA on the ADQ7/ADQ14 efficiently reduces the amount of data to be handled by the host PC system:

  • Relaxed data transfer requirements
  • Reduced CPU usage on the host PC
  • Ability to reduce disk storage capacity

All this enable continuous recording of a radio channel.


The FWSDR implements a software defined radio in the ADQ7/ADQ14 FPGA for applications such as:

  • RF receiver
  • Satellite monitoring
  • Channel sounder

Real-time digital down converter (DDC)

FWSDR contains a DDC:

  • I and Q input
  • NCO
  • Complex mixer
  • Decimation filter
  • Continuous streaming to disk

Getting started

  • FWATD is delivered with a GUI and example software for setting up the target system.
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