DAQ/Digitizer: ADQ1600TD - 1-channel, 14-bit, 1.6 GSPS

Resolution 14 bit
Sample Rate 1.6 GSPS
Input signal range 2.2 Vpp
Programmable bias Full signal range
Bias setting 31 levels
Over-voltage protection 10 Vpp
Input channels 1
Trigger Software/Ext./Level/Internal


Clock reference Int./Ext./PXIe
Interfaces USB 3.0,
Input bandwidth 680 MHz
Memory size 512 MSamples

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The ADQ1600TD is a world-leading 14 bit digitizer optimized for time-domain pulse capture. With its unique 1600 MSPS capture rate, enabled by SP Devices’ ADC interleaving technology ADX, the ADQ1600TD opens for demanding measurements such as time-domain pulse capture and high-speed data recording.

Analog Front End (AFE)
The AFE of the ADQ1600TD is AC-coupled and optimized for low background noise over a large bandwidth. The adjustable bias together with the Digital Baseline Stabilization (DBS) technology increases the dynamic range for uni-polar pulses.

Interface to the Host
The digitizer connects to the host via a high-speed USB 3.0 cable for easy to use standalone operation. Compact PCI Express / PXI Express or MTCA.4 µTCA interface is available for systems integration as a modular instrument. A PCIe version for integration into a PC is also available. All interface types allows for streaming of data at high transfer rates.

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