Dual 10 Gigabit Ethernet Card: ADQ10GBE

Ethernet ports 2
Ethernet connector SFP+

Transceivers supported

Fiber 802.3ae: 10GBase-SR

Copper 802.3ak: 10GBase-CR or 10GBase-CU
Backplane interface cPCIe/PXIe

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The ADQ10GBE module enables fast network connection from a cPCIe/PXIe chassis to an external host computer. It occupies a single slot in an 3U cPCIe/PXIe chassis and can be used with backplanes supporting up to x8 Gen2 PCIe. All necessary software drivers are included and can be installed on the PXIe controller. ADQ10GBE can be used under Windows 7 (32 or 64 bit), Windows 8 and 8.1, and Linux (native support or ixgbe source code).

The module supports two SFP+ 10 GbE modules (purchased separately) and can be used with either SFP+ direct attached copper cables (10GSFP+Cu, 10GBASE-CR, 10GBASE-CX1) at lengths up to 15 meters, or optical short range (10GBASE-SR) for fiber lengths up to 300 meters.

When using SFP+ direct attach copper cable the SFP+ modules comes with (are firmly attached to) the cable, but when using optical fiber the SFP+ module(s) needs to be purchased separately.The Ethernet card of the external computer may or may not need an SFP+ module so either one or two SFP+ modules will be needed in total. SP Devices recommends using the Avago AFBR-709SMZ SFP+ module with ADQ10GBE.

The optical fiber used to connect the SFP+ modules should be of type multi-mode - for example classification OM3 50/125µm (ISO 11801). For selection of fiber connector types please refer to the datasheet of your SFP+ module and/or Ethernet card. Connectors on the recommended Avago AFBR-709SMZ SFP+ module are of type LC.

Examples of compatible Ethernet cards for the external host PC are Intel X520-DA1/Intel X520-DA2 (single/dual port SFP+ direct attach) and Intel X520-SR1/X520-SR2(*) (single/dual port, fiber optic short range).

(*) Please note that there is also a RJ45 copper version called Intel X520-DA2 and this is NOT compatible with ADQ10GBE. The correct X520-DA2 has Intel product ID E10G42BTDA and is of type SFP+ direct attach.

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